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March 20, 2017

Combined Therapy: Shockwave Therapy + High Intensity Laser

Both the Shockwave therapy and High Intensity Laser therapy are highly effective, modern methods in treating various health conditions that can be resistant to traditional procedures. Read more how they can be combined for exceptional treatment results and the reason why to try the therapy combination!

Why combine Shockwave and High Intensity Laser therapy?

There are many reasons from a patient’s and therapist’s perspective. Take a look at benefits of the combined therapy.

Right Choice for Any Condition

The use of the High Intensity Laser and the Shockwave therapy depends on the location of the affected site and also on the phase of condition. Choose the High Intensity Laser for acute pain and the Shockwave as a first-line treatment for chronic disorders. The therapies are complementary and can be used in same treatment session to achieve faster recovery.  Their combination in the same treatment session assures speeding up the recovery process and maximal therapy results.

Derbenev Konstantin Vladimirovich has found a differentiation in use between the High Intensity Laser and Shockwave therapy. Read his recommendations about the therapies

Broaden Treatment Efficiency for These Clinical Indications

Together they cover an extremely wide range of clinical indications. The combined therapy of the High Intensity Laser and the Shockwave ensure an efficient treatment of following indications.

3 Steps to Success

How to reach the best outcome using the Shockwave and the High Intensity Laser? Application of laser during the Shockwave sessions accelerates healing and supports pain alleviation. Follow the recommended protocol following just three steps.

Time Optimization in One Treatment Session

BTL Shockwave therapy and BTL High Intensity Laser can be effectively combined during the same treatment session. The High Intensity laser has unlimited application frequency and can be applied daily between the Shockwave sessions. Time optimization of treatment session will help patients return to daily activities shortly. Discover how they are a complement to each other.

Study Results Will Convince You to Give It a Try

The study of the Shockwave and the High Intensity Laser combined treatment was conducted in 2013 at the Academic Medical Centre in Warsaw. The combination of the methods provides significantly better results than using those methods separately. Read what results the study confirmed.

Do You Need More Information or Arguments of Many Professionals?

Read other study and testimonials about combined therapy:


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