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July 22, 2016

Innovative Methods in Physiotherapy
Conference in Moscow, Russia

The innovation is defined as a new idea but could be also viewed as the application of better solutions or opportunities that meet new requirements. And that is why the conference was about modern BTL technologies: High Intensity Laser and Shockwave therapy which represents innovative solutions in physiotherapy field.

BTL has been offering the most modern and effective physiotherapy devices to physicians all over Russia for five years already. Innovation is the word that describes BTL starting from the day of the company’s foundation. In order to give Russian doctors the opportunity to meet with the relevant procedures and remain up-to-date with evolving technologies, on the 22th of July in Moscow a BTL representative in Russia and International University of Regenerative Medicine hosted a conference on “Innovative methods in physiotherapy: Shockwave Therapy and High Intensity Laser”.

The conference was composed of various presentations with unique material at the highest level that world famous physiotherapeutic devices bring. The key speakers inspired 150 attendees, including specialists from all over Russia, mainly from Kaliningrad to Khabarovsk, and other CIS countries, with their extensive presentations.

Professor Gennady Ponomarenko, an Honored Scientist and Doctor of Medical Sciences in Russia opened the conference with his presentation about modern trends in physiotherapy field. He recounted using of modern physical therapy techniques and proper experience of their application in a practice. The following reports of Dr. Kulchitskaya and Dr. Lukyanova explained each physical modality which depends on the location of the affected area and the phase of condition. Detelina Kulchitskaya, Doctor of Medical Sciences compared the effects of high-intensity and low-intensity laser. Ms. Tatyana Lukyanova, Candidate of Medical Sciences continued with principles of the shockwave and high-intensity laser therapy. 

The theoretical part was followed by a practical master class of Edward Gataullin, the head of the International School of training on BTL medical devices such as Shockwave and High Intensity Laser in Prague. Together with Mrs. Lukyanova he thoroughly explained the process of therapy and during discussion answered the questions of the audience. 

The program culminated in the most pleasant part of the conference — a raffle with BTL prizes among the users of Shockwave devices. Gregory Gaziyan, the doctor of the Moscow School of Olympic Reserve No. 2 won the main prize: a three-day training of Shockwave in Prague at the International School of training on BTL Shockwave and BTL High Intensity Laser.

This scientific event was a great occasion in our community, on account that this kind of conference format, when we focus the attention of both practicing doctors and academia on the most breakthrough technologies is worth only a compliment,” said Dr. Ponomarenko.

We could say the innovation is a source of motivation. It means that many specialists had the unique opportunity to exchange their experience and can use their knowledge in their  practice. A lot of patients over the country will try the most advanced treatment and experience faster recovery. 

Take a look at highlights from the conference in the video: 

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