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Ian Andrews

HPC Registered Chartered Physiotherapist, Oakwood Physiotherapy Practice

Bingham, England

The reliability of the BTL High Intensity Laser is outstanding...


"I have used BTL High Intensity Laser and BTL Shockwave devices and I can honestly say they are everything you would hope for in a company, when it comes to customer service. The reliability of the equipment is outstanding and it gives the right message to our customers that travel huge distances for treatment (...) I would without any hesitation recommend BTL."

Ian Andrews is a chartered and state registered physiotherapist at the Oakwood Physiotherapy Practice with experience in treating a wide range of patients ranging from members of the general public to world-class athletes. He has had more than 15 years of practice in the area of SWT and HIL. Oakwood Physiotherapy worked with the England Football Team (prior to the last world cup in South Africa) and England Rugby.


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