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Lukyanova Tatiana Vladimirovna MD

Associate Professor, Physical Therapist

I.M.Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University

Unlike surgery, treatment with the use of the High Intensity Laser and/or Shockwave therapy … makes it possible to speed up rehabilitation.


Lukyanova Tatiana Vladimirovna MD

“We have been using BTL Shockwave therapy for over 6 years now and the BTL High Intensity Laser for about 2 years. When using Shockwave therapy we usually need 3 -8 procedures to eliminate the disorder. The BTL High Intensity Laser works on a different principle and is specifically effective in analgesia and inflammation reduction which can be observed just after 2 procedures. Patients feel relief immediately and are very happy.

Unlike surgery, treatment with the use of Shockwave therapy and/or the High Intensity Laser we can cure the tissue without the need of surgery and provide high quality care. These unique features make it possible to speed up rehabilitation. In terms of medication we see a decrease in dosing while using these devices.”

High Intensity Laser and Shockwave Therapy – Testimonial by Lukyanova Tatiana Vladimirovna MD


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