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May 12, 2016

The High Intensity Laser - Great Success in China

BTL China held a seminar “A New Technology in Pain Management - Non-invasive High Intensity Laser” as a tribute to introducing the BTL High Intensity Laser to the Chinese market

Since the establishment of BTL China in Shenzen (the main office) it has grown both in the number in devices and offices. The goal is to provide customers with the best devices and services. That is why the vast BTL physiotherapy portfolio in China has now been broadened by the BTL-6000 High Intensity Laser.

Professor He YugongFor this special occasion on April 16th, 2016, BTL China organized the seminar “New Technology in Pain Management - Non-invasive High Intensity Laser” at the Sheraton Hotel, Shanghai. Many local experts and experts from abroad were invited to share their experiences with the BTL High Intensity Laser treatment. The event attended more than one hundred Chinese experts interested in this novel technology.

The event was hosted by Professor He Yugong, the Director of the Rehabilitation Department at the First Affiliated Hospital of Zhengzhou University.

The High Intensity Laser has been long researched as to both the physical principles as well the efficacy in the fields of physiotherapy and orthopedics. Professor Hans-Joerg Groeber introduced not only the history but also the technical principles and the options of clinical applications the High Intensity Laser brings.

Professor Groeber has a long history of working with various physiotherapy devices. His professional education began when he got his Physiotherapy and Teacher of Physical Education degree. He has been involved with physiotherapy and medical devices in various positions ever since. He has worked for both clinics and private physiotherapy institutions and most recently is giving lectures on electrotherapy, biomechanics and exercise theory at a physiotherapy school in German.

The theory of the High Intensity Laser was followed by presentation of Dr. Yew Su Fe, the President of the Malaysian Physiotherapy Association and the Head of the Department of Physiotherapy, Penang General Hospital, the second largest Hospital in Malaysia. Ms. Yew has vast experience with the High Intensity Laser treatment in various disorders. She shared her patients’ case studies, proving the efficacy of the High Intensity Laser from her own practice. Ms. Yew's presentation gave the audience proof of the analgesic effect and regeneration of the High Intensity Laser on her patients’ cases.

Dr. Liu, the Director of the Chinese Medicine and Rehabilitation Department of the Third Affiliated Hospital of Southern Medical University´╝îintroduced his on-going research results using the BTL High Intensity Laser.

Dr. Zhang Jian, the Director of Rehabilitation Department and the Deputy Director of Spine Surgery from Zhongshan Hospital Fudan University, also shared the his clinical cases treated with the BTL High Intensity Laser. His patients have benefited from the biostimulation effect of the High Intensity Laser which triggers faster healing and regeneration after surgery and ensures prompt return to daily activities. The High Intensity Laser can also prevent surgical approach in a number of cases.

Following the presentations, the participants had the opportunity to experience the High Intensity Laser for themselves at the practical demonstration and workshop activities. Professor Groeber and Ms. Yew provided a detailed explanation of the therapy procedure, demonstrated the actual course of the therapy and answered questions from the crowd.

The overall atmosphere of the night was very involved and appreciative. BTL China is proud to have been able to host such occasion and professionals from all over China who had the opportunity to experience the breakthrough technology which the BTL High Intensity Laser is. BTL China is proud to have brought the outstanding technology to experts across the country with the hope of reaching as many patients in need as possible.

High Intensity Laser Product Launch China 2016

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