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High Intensity Laser (HIL) technology is based on the well-known principle of low level laser therapy (LLLT). Unlike the low level laser therapy the high power and choice of the right wavelength of the HIL allow for deep tissue penetration and through a natural process of energy transfer (biostimulation and photomechanical effect) it significantly speeds up healing and tissue regeneration. HIL offers a powerful and non-addictive form of acute pain management  and is effective especially in treatment of sports injuries, e.g. muscle injury or joint distortion, and lower back pain caused by e.g. herniated disc or disorders in the cervical region causing neck pain.

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Patient satisfaction reached 90 %

HIL versus HIL & RSWT: Pain and Patient Satisfaction Evaluation of 100 Patients

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Better results than using those methods separately

Treatment of Patients with Musculoskeletal System Disorders with Combined Therapy – High Intensity Laser and Radial Shockwave Therapy

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Surprising improvement

High Intensity Laser Therapy in Sporting Traumatology and Pain Therapy

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Effective therapeutic method

Effect of High-intensity Laser Therapy in the Management of Myofascial Pain Syndrome of the Trapezius: A Double-blind, Placebo-controlled Study

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Non-invasive adjuvant treatment

Short-term Effects of High-intensity Laser Therapy on Frozen Shoulder: A Prospective Randomized Control Study

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Reduces use of medication

Radial Pressure Waves vs High Intensity Laser Treatments in Acute Ankle Sprains

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Longer-lasting effect

Comparison of High-Intensity Laser Therapy and Ultrasound Treatment in the Patients with Lumbar Discopathy

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ROM significantly increased

Long-term Effect of High-intensity Laser Therapy in the Treatment of Patients With Chronic Low Back Pain: A Randomized Blinded Placebo-controlled Trial

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Prompt analgesic effects

Analgesic Effect of High Intensity Laser Therapy in Knee Osteoarthritis

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Scientific proof of HIL efficacy


Compare the therapy time using High Intensity Laser with low level laser therapy.

Enter the same therapy parameters for HIL and LLLT and see how long the treatment will take.


max 200J/cm2
max 500cm2
max 12W
00:00 min:sec


max 200J/cm2
max 500cm2
0. max 0.5W
00:00 min:sec

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References & Testimonials

The BTL High Intensity Laser is a complement to all the manual therapies and exercise…

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Telmo Firmino

Physiotherapist, Sport Lisboa e Benfica


BTL High Intensity Laser helped us in prevention and treatment of acute disorders...

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Martin Janousek

Physiotherapist of the Czech national football team at Euro 2016

With wide range of pre-set protocols we can effectively treat different pathologies at tendon, muscle and joint level.

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Luca Carbonaro

Physiotherapist, Pescara Calcio football club

The High Intensity Laser increased joint mobility by 45 degrees. After the first treatment!

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Derbenev Konstantin Vladimirovich

Deputy Director in Neotonus-Invest LLC, Consulting Physician

With the BTL High Intensity Laser and Shockwave Therapy combination we can significantly broaden our therapeutic spectrum and on top of that offer an excellent alternative to surgery...

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Ole Bedey

Physiotherapist, Physio-Zentrum in Hannover


The reliability of the BTL High Intensity Laser is outstanding...

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Ian Andrews

HPC Registered Chartered Physiotherapist, Oakwood Physiotherapy Practice


Why do we use BTL devices? They are safe, easy to use, failure-free, offer a wide range of treatments and have a modern and aesthetic design.

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Viva Medica

Rehabilitation Center

BTL High Intensity Laser gives excellent results in both acute and chronic conditions.

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Predrag Jovicic

Physiotherapist, VIP Physics

Thanks for two years of experience and wonderful results…

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Mauritius Barrantes Zamora

Medical doctor, Caja Costarricense de Seguro Social


The results were spectacular and rehabilitation rapidly faster.

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Konstantinos Aidonidis


BTL High Intensity Laser is useful in treating deep musculoskeletal pathologies. Patients are happy as they recover rapidly.

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Eugene Wong, MD

Consultant Spine & Orthopaedic Surgeon


Unlike surgery, treatment with the use of the High Intensity Laser and/or Shockwave therapy … makes it possible to speed up rehabilitation.

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Lukyanova Tatiana Vladimirovna MD

Associate Professor, Physical Therapist


Brazilian players were treated with BTL High Intensity Laser at Copa America, 2015.

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Odir de Souza

Team Physiotherapist


BTL-6000 High Intensity Laser is a trusted device used at the ATP World Tour by Paul-Henri Mathieu.

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Paul-Henri Mathieu

Professional Tennis Player


Czech athletes were taken care of using the BTL High Intensity Laser.

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Jiri Neumann, MD

Head Team Physician

I can say that the most effective was the High Intensity Laser...

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Jaroslav Vetvicka, MD

National Sports Team Medical Center at Prague Military Hospital


We have to focus not only on regeneration and compensation, but mainly on prevention of injuries.

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Šárka Strachová

Alpine Ski Racer

By using the High Intensity Laser and Shockwave therapy in patients … we achieve a stable clinical effect…

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Khalmeev Nariman Kasimovich MD


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