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April 23 - 28, 2016

ESPRM 2016
Estoril - Lisbon

Annual 20th European Congress of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine.

Read more about the event in an excerpt from this year’s congress president, Jorge Lains, MD or follow the link at the bottom of this page.

“We are working hard to organize an outstanding scientific and educational congress, respecting the ESPRM standards and the rules for the ECPRM, to facilitate the spread and exchange of knowledge, skills and attitudes, between experts, researchers, clinicians and trainees, and aiming to continue developing the ESPRM and PRM in Europe.

The 20th European PRM congress will cover the ECPRM themes: pathologies (ICD), body functions and activities, environmental and personal factors and quality of life (ICF), health interventions (ICHI) and PRM health accounts (ICHA). We wish to organize a very didactic congress giving emphasis on workshops, “meet” the experts and hands on demonstrations.

We will do our best for having the active participation of the most prestigious European/International professionals with clinical expertise and scientific recognition.“

What are ESPRM’s aims?

  • To be the leading scientific European Society for physicians in the field of physical and rehabilitation medicine
  • To improve the knowledge of fundamentals and the management of activities, participation and contextual factors of people with a disability.
  • To improve  and  maintain  a  strong  connection between research and clinical practice in PRM


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